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Ways to Stay Active Every Day

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Contemplating the journey

People often associate “healthy habits” with “generic activities,” such as eating well and working out. This raises an interesting question, however: I’m willing to bet that the majority of us have no idea…

Set clear goals and lay out detailed plans for how you’ll reach them to ensure you’re on the right path to comprehensive health and wellness. Your body’s ability to repair itself is referred to as health. (The first four letters of the word “health” spell “heal,” and we don’t believe that’s a coincidence.) In order to be truly healthy, your body must be able to recover itself to its fullest potential.

How do you maximise your body’s ability to heal? By boosting your immune system and the organs & systems responsible for healing. As long as your immunity system is functioning properly, you will remain healthy. But it’s not only about “eating well” and “working out.” You need to be very specific when stating this.

To that end, we’ve compiled a health-improving to-do list: a roster of precise, everyday practises to get you started on the path to better health. A challenge for some (including myself, who came up with a list) may be putting these strategies into practise on a daily basis. That said, it’s all worth it.

You don’t have to believe what I say, though. We’d love to hear from you if you notice an improvement in your health and well-being within few weeks of adopting these tips! I’m sure you’ll be delighted.:)

Meditate in the early morning or late evening. Meditation is beneficial again for soul, and meditating before sunrise is a great way to start your day off right. Additionally, meditating before dusk or just before bedtime can help you unwind and obtain a good night’s sleep.

Deep breathing exercises and prayer can help raise your oxygen levels in your body. To get yourself in the appropriate frame of mind, you might also do some light reading.

In the mornings and even at night, we just use Headspace app, and it’s great if you’re just starting out with meditation.

Drink a full drink of water just after waking up. When you first wake up, your body is already severely dehydrated, so drinking a large glass of water can help you replenish lost fluids and reawaken your senses. And get the most out of it, do it right before you put it in your mouth or eat breakfast.

Take a stretch or heart rate break every hour. Your workweek is undoubtedly jam-packed like mine, and it’s easy to forget to take breaks. However, little breaks might help you calm your thoughts so that when you return to your work, you’ll be more productive..

While it may seem counterintuitive to work out during breaks, getting your heart rate up is actually beneficial. For those who work in offices and are afraid of sweating through their clothes, take advantage of time to walk or stretch to keep your heart rate up and your blood flowing.

Drink plenty of water. “Breakfast is the most essential meal of the day,” as the adage goes. Tip number two had you drinking a glass of water? Your metabolism is actually raised so that you can digest your meal quickly and get started on your day with plenty of energy.

It’s time for dinner. Your metabolism may slow down as the hours pass. To avoid feeling bloated after a heavy meal, eat your dinner early and choose a light dish that will fill you up but won’t leave you feeling sluggish. In place of meat, we recommend organic chicken and wild-caught fish with a spinach salad. Buttermilk ranch is loaded with unhealthy fats; this dressing is loaded with healthy fats from olive oil & sea salt.

Make a “just because” phone call to a close friend or family member. It’s easy to overlook to call you parents or siblings when you’re busy working so hard. But, of course, family bonds are more important than employment. If you want to show your loved ones how much you care, surprise them with a phone call and spend 30 minutes listening to them speak. Thank them and feel better knowing what they have been doing. Aim to do this at least once if you can’t do it daily.

Spend 15 minutes pounding a tyre outside. By simply placing your bare feet on the earth (rather than on a hard surface like concrete or asphalt), you allow the earth’s electrical energy to permeate your skin and revitalise your system. It’s an age-old technique for improving your body’s ability to repair itself. Standing in the sunlight about 15 minutes a day helps you acquire your daily amount of vitamin D3, which most people are lacking in. The sunlight is the best source of vitamin D3, and it’s believed to improve the immune system.

This is the eighth time I’ve done this. Set goals & daily action activities that will help you achieve your vision. Take a leap of faith when it came to what you want to accomplish in your life. Creating a vision board depicting your hopes and aspirations for the future is a great way to remind yourself why you are doing what you’re doing on a daily basis. The health of your mind is directly linked to the health of your body, and dreaming is a great way to improve your mental health.

In order to meet our health challenge, we want to push you to begin applying these eight healthy behaviours tomorrow or even right now. We’re confident you’ll see a dramatic improvement during the first week of treatment.




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