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Walk through Dubai’s vegetable market according to the Mandi rules.

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I’m a master procrastinator, and it took a swarm of eager foodies snapping photos of the subzi mandi in Dubai to finally motivate me to go there (veggie market). Wet-behind-the-ears fresh expats (or fops, as they’re known in the expat community) tend to have a voracious appetite for shopping in the Indian marketplaces, and Dubai is a fantastic place to rein that in. As far as Dubai is concerned, Aweer is the best option for those who crave a more authentic shopping experience, complete with pushy crowds, hard-core bargaining, real market-type smells, and multiple languages being spoken simultaneously.

One of the most important rules is to get there early and stay there early.

If there are fish in the area, be on the lookout for bird droppings as 

You can avoid a parking fine even on Fridays by purchasing a ticket.

Choosing a wheel barrowman carefully will allow you to shop, dance, take photos, and sip chai, all without a concern in the world.

It’ll greatly benefit to know very little of all the following, Hindustani, Bangla, Malayalam, Punjabi, so of course Arabic. The use of English is a sham in this instance.

If you’re in a busy fish market, keep your arms at a straight angle to your torso. There is also a distinct stench to the area—which is understandable, as all of the aquatic life in the area is either dead or dying.

If, unlike me, fish isn’t really your area then veer to the veggie department, where you eyes can feed on the rich biodiversity of the plant lie.

Before buying everything you desire, stop and consider what you’ll need for the week.

It’s impossible to buy two carrot for each one of you at home since the costs are wholesale. Before you realise it, the weight is rounded up for you, and that’s how I ended up with more generous amounts than I wanted.

Everyone here is an expatriate, like most of us, so be courteous, tolerant, and open to conversation. Breaks your ice, gets you a decent deal and a smile.




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