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Rasam in the style of Vijayam Athai

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I’m always up for a good laugh!

Vijayam Athai was my father’s eldest sibling…

Even though I adore her, I also enjoy to quarrel and argue with her. I love to play telephone pranks on her and mercilessly tease her. He has three sisters, all of whom I am quite fond of. To date, this is the oldest post on the site. When I think of my father’s sister as Athai, I’m reminded of how wonderful my own are.

When Vijayam arrives, she’ll say she’s too elderly to do anything, because she is 75 or more years old. She’ll come over, drink coffee, and ask, “Do you have your tea today, no athai?” I’ll brew tea on jaggery for you. She enters the kitchen, and within a few minutes she has a good idea of where everything is. What are you going to have for lunch, if you’re cooking? Athai, I had planned to make… Not at all! I’ve been thinking about it, too! In fact, you don’t even know how to do it yourself, so I’ll make it so you can learn how to do it yourself. After that, we’ll be able to whip up anything we need for tiffin before Meera gets home.

A typical day for her would include chopping all my vegetables; cooking every meal; making batter for the week; teaching me two dishes; drying and storing the dishes; and leaving with the comment, “such a good girl—how nicely you looked after me.”.

Is it even possible not to adore this woman?

When I was going to start cooking arhar dal for rasam one day, I had a moment of epiphany.

My energy-efficient athai halted me in his tracks because the rice had already been cooked. What makes you think it’s necessary to re-set the stovetop? Is there no charge for the gas? Are you Tata-daughter, Birla’s then? My ancestors often used this word to refer to anyone born after 1970, which leads us to believe that there may be some unsavoury connections – ooh!]

Then there’s paruppu rasam, which you can consume without having to prepare it beforehand. Really? yes, and she went on to do the following:

Arhar/toor dal and two red chilies should be soaked in a cup of water.

Assembling the ingredients for Rasam in a simple way

some fresh corriander and fresh coriander are all that is needed to make this dish a delicious one. A couple whole peppercorns and a tsp of cumin/jeera/corriander

As soon as the red chilies and other spices were roasted, she ground them into an extremely fine paste.

Tomatoes, ginger, and green chilies were then added to a small amount of water, along with salt and turmeric.

When the tomatoes are done cooking, add the paste and stir constantly to prevent the dal from sticking to the bottoms and burning. Assuming that I hadn’t been stirring, she told me, ‘don’t be in a hurried to add milk, the raw scent of the Desi has to disappear first’. After the raw smell dissipated, my kitchen was filled with a lovely scent. Next, we’ll add 2 to 3 cups of water, wait for it to begin simmering gently, add the corriander leaves, and turn off the stove. Gently stir mustard and jeera into the hot ghee, then season with salt and pepper, to taste.


To make a fine paste, blend the tomatoes with the garlic, green chilli, and coriander. Add the ground grain and spice mix once the paste has cooked. No one will put those corriander greens to the end of the plate now that they know how beneficial they are to one’s health.

There’s nothing better than a hot supper!

To accompany your meal, serve it with a side of vegetables and a bag of crisps.




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