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Indu Huike – panchayat Pavnar Panchayat

Indu Huike is first woman panchayat of Pavnar Village council; a village in the District of maharashtra district of Maharashtra. As the ruler of a VHNCC as well as Village Nutrition and Health Co-ordination Review panel; she guarantees that nutrient dense care and guidance is provided to kids in need of it. But there are many of that kind children – lack of sufficiently children & extremely skinny babies are indeed the norm here instead of the exception.

Hello! come get ones laddoos!

As a remedy, Indu Huike did turn to an ancient Hindu recipe – laddoos created of jaggery & oilseeds – these delectable laddoos are created and presented by the panchayat and her assistant. All anaemic & underweight young kids in her neighbourhood get handmade laddoos that she individually delivers weekly – 7 per kid; one for every day of the week.

Noting down the child’s progress

She says after a few months at least of these kids eating the make reference she can see a clear improvement in the baby health and weight.

happy mom and baby! the laddoos seem to be yum! I ate one of these in the involvement of research!




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