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Gluten-free and sugar-free versions of the world’s best pancakes.

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A problem known as candida has just been detected in Luke’s digestive system. Look up candida if you haven’t already. An overgrowth of harmful bacteria in your stomach can lead to outward symptoms such as fungus infections, psoriasis and tiredness, as well as other autoimmune disorders.

It’s not enjoyable at all.

What is the remedy? Others would argue that it doesn’t exist. We know it’s a hoax. Yes, despite patients who return month after month with recurrent fungal infections after being prescribed antifungals, there are doctors out there who don’t even believe in candida. It begs the question of why the medications aren’t working. They’ll still defend their priceless, money-making drugs no matter what.

After a lot of searching, we came across a few web resources referring to the “candida diet.” After reading a few articles & applying some common sense, he realised that the best approach to get rid of candida was by eating a balanced diet.

When you have candida, what does it mean to “eat healthy” exactly? In other words, because yeast lives on sugar, when you consume sugar, you’re feeding candida and encouraging its growth. Because of this, starvation is the only method to just get rid of the parasite. So, he had to eliminate all sugar from his diet.

Despite his love of brewing and drinking unfiltered craft beer, he has been on this diet regimen for the past four months. However, after seeing the outcomes, we are very certain that modifying your diet is the best way to lose weight. All you have to do is be meticulous and steadfast in your approach.

Eating healthily doesn’t imply starving yourself or consuming food that you don’t enjoy eating. You don’t have to give up your favourite foods in order to be healthy! We have a cookbook full of fantastic recipes, and we’ve cooked from it for several months now. One of those dishes is what we’re going to share with you today.

Pancakes Made Without Grains, Sugar, or Gluten

There are around 10-12 pancakes in this recipe, and they are really delectable. I had never liked pancakes until making this recipe. I’ll only eat these pancakes now. Moreover, our daughter is a big fan of them.

So why go grain-free?

When you eat grains, they are converted into sugar in your body. This diet is especially difficult to follow in the United States, since bread is often served with every meal. You’re giving your body sugar when you consume grains and carbohydrates. This meant that Luke had to give up a slew of familiar foods, such as white rice, basmati rice, millet, lentils, and potatoes, in addition to the processed sugar. Actually, the list of stuff he can’t eat is longer than that of the list of stuff he can have, and it’s a lot more extensive. That’s a good thing, I suppose, because it keeps things simple.


  • A total of five eggs
  • Coconut or butter oil for frying in place of the 5 tbsp.
  • 5 tbsp. of flour from coconut
  • Half a teaspoon of baking soda (aluminum-free)
  • Pure vanilla extract in the range of 6-8 drops per ounce (no sugar)
  • 2/3 cup water
  • There is 1 teaspoon of Stevia powder in this recipe.
  • Blueberries and strawberries in a frozen state (optional)
  • Liquid stevia can be added for a sweetener (optional)


Put all of the above ingredients together in a blender and blend until smooth. Stir everything together until it’s smooth and well-combined. The baking powder & coconut flour should be added slowly and whisked until they are well incorporated.

In a frying pan, heat butter and coconut oil & spoon pancake mixture into 2-inch circles. To make sure both side are golden brown, fry the pancakes until the edges are just starting to brown.

Meanwhile, in a small saucepan, combine a couple of frozen berries, a splash of water, and several drops of liquid stevia. Cook on low flame until the mixture thickens and becomes syrupy.

To serve, stack 3 or more pancakes on top of each other and drizzle with strawberry sauce.


Coconut flour: a closer look

Many recipes can benefit greatly from the grain-free substitution of coconut flour. Cooking with it, on the other hand, can be a bit of a challenge. The finest results tend to come from using it in cake and cake-like recipes. Because coconut flour is so dense, you must use an equal amount of liquid and solid ingredients when cooking with it. Because of this, this dish calls for a lot of egg and butter/oil. But it’s wonderful. Do not, however, rely on our word alone! Make a batch of these gluten-free pancakes tomorrow morning and report back!




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